Project profile and setting the scene

Presentations have been given to a variety of police audiences in 2011: the following presentation profiles the team, the key aims, objectives and methods employed in the research project. Please click the link below to view our Powerpoint slides.

Presentation 1: SIPR/Missing People Seminar, Scottish Police College

Public dissemination: public knowledge

The research featured in an exhibition at the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow as part of a National Theatre of Scotland ‘audio journey’ about missing people. This exhibition accompanied the acclaimed play ‘The Missing’ adapted from Andrew O’Hagan’s novel of the same name.

Click to see video footage of our contribution to the exhibition: The Missing

Storying journeys: Excursions conference, 2011

Hester Parr co-organised the interdisciplinary conference Excursions in Glasgow University, as a key vehicle for launching our experimental dissemination strategy around ‘storying’ missing people’s journeys.  The paper given was a ‘performative narration’ of a recomposed interview testimony. The key character was Sophie, and Sophie tells her story of her ‘missing journey’ (an attempted suicide). An academic narrator interprets Sophie, and police testimony is represented through interjecting voices offering information on usual spatial behaviour profiles.

Click here to read this paper.

Keynote Presentation at NPIA 2012 Missing Persons Conference

Nicholas Fyfe and Penny Woolnough presented a key-note paper at the NPIA 2012 Missing Persons Conference.


Download a copy here: NPIA 2012 Missing Persons Conference

Missing Persons in a European context: research, practitioner and policy perspectives

17th May 2013, Scotland House, Brussels

In 2013 the project team organised a one day EU seminar sponsored by the ESRC on Missing Persons. The aims of the seminar was to share findings from recent and current research on missing persons, to understand the challenges faced by practitioners and policy makers with responsibilities for missing persons, and to help build an inter-disciplinary and inter-professional European network of those working in this field.

Details of the programme for the day can be found here.

* Download a copy of Alain Remue presentation here
* Download a copy of Veele Pashle presentation here
* Download a copy of Cristina Cattaneo presentation here
* Download a copy of Jane Birkett presentation here
* Download a copy of Miranda Baas Berntssen presentation here
* Download a copy of Hester Parr & Olivia Stevenson presentation here
* Download a copy of Naomi Eales presentation here
* Download a copy of Llian Alys presentation here
* Download a copy of Pete Roberts presentation here

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