Missing Stories

Please tell us about being reported as a missing person.

Have you ever 'been absent', 'taken time out', 'escaped', 'disappeared', 'got away from it all' and as a result been reported as missing?

Thousands of adults are reported missing each year, yet very little is known about who they are, why they disappear and where they go. If you are 18-years-old and over, think that you have been missing or reported as missing we would like to hear your story as part of our research project.

Your story will help us provide guidance and training materials to a range of people and organisations: please see the main website.

Before submitting your story please read our information sheet, our consent guidance and our submission guidelines documents.

Fill out the text boxes below as best you can and press send. You do not need to give us any personal details if you do not want to and you can send us an anonymous story. Each and every story used in this research will be anonymous: please read our guidelines for more details on confidentiality and anonymity.

Your story

Tell us about what you did, where you went and what your experiences were when you were reported missing. Write what you want to or if it helps, please structure your story around the following headings:

    What made you go?

    Where did you go and why did you go to the places that you did?

    How did you feel on your journey?

    Who and what was important in your journey?

    How and why did you return?

    What does being reported as missing mean to you?

You do not have to use these prompts. Feel free to write any kind of story you wish too, and write as much or as little as you like. If you'd just like to send us an email with some basic thoughts, please do this too. You can also contact us via www.geographiesofmissingpeople.org.uk/contact-us.

If you wish to receive a confirmation email that will include a copy of your story for you to keep, please supply an email address.

Thank you for helping this research project: your experience matters to us, and may be used to help inform services connected to the issues of missing people.

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