Prof Nick Fyfe

Professor Nick Fyfe

Nick Fyfe is a co-investigator on the project and is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Dundee and Director of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research.

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Nick has over twenty years experience of undertaking research with the police on a broad range topics, from the reconstruction of police-community relationships in London in the aftermath of the riots in the 1980s to the evaluation of measures to facilitate witness cooperation in organised crime investigations (Fyfe, 2001).  More recently, he has been exploring the changing social and political dynamics of policing in Scotland (Fyfe, 2010; Fyfe and Henry, 2010). As a geographer, Nick is particularly interested in how concepts of space, place and landscape inform and shape how  police officers think and act.  In the context of researching missing people, he is therefore keen to explore how officers make sense of and reconstruct the movements of missing people and also how they mobilize and deploy a range of human and technical resources to track ‘mispers’.



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H Parr and N Fyfe (2012) 'Missing Geographies' Progress in Human Geography accessible via Online First at doi: 10.1177/0309132512465919.

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