Dr Olivia Stevenson

Dr Olivia Stevenson

Olivia Stevenson is the Research Fellow (RF) for the research project and works with Hester Parr in Glasgow University in Geographical and Earth Science.

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Olivia has completed interviews with UK-based Police Officers, returned missing people and families and is one of the authors of the reports 'Geographies of Missing People: Processes, Experiences and Responses', and ‘Families Living with Absence: Searching for Missing People’ and has co-developed creative audio and text based resources 'Missing People, Missing Voices: Stories of Missing Experience'. Olivia's interests in everyday spaces and geographies of near death experiences have developed directly from interviewees' accounts and she is a co-guest editor for a special issue (in progress) on 'Geographies of Dying and Death' for the journal Social and Cultural Geography.



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