May 2014

* During April and May Olivia along with Penny are attending and presenting research results at several College of Policing PNSC PoISA CPD events - ‘Missing in the 21st Century’ - including Ryton, Tulliallan & Bramshill.

* The geographies of missing people team have been invited to contribute to the development of a National Missing Persons Strategy for Scotland. In May Hester, Penny and Olivia will attend the second strategy meeting of the Scottish Government working group and Hester will lead a presentation of the key findings from our research and how they impact on a Scottish strategy.

* The geographies of missing people research has been recognised for its value to policing and via Police Scotland’s National Missing Persons Coordinator – Superintendent Andy McKay - findings and recommendations from the research have been embedded in the newly design standard operation procedure (SOP) for Police Scotland officers. The SOP and further training will be rolled out over the coming year.

Economic and Social Research Council University of Glasgow University of Dundee Scottish Institute for Policing Research