January 2012

* Olivia is compiling the case files of misper cases from the London MPS. Following analysis of these, 12 officers have been selected for interview. Olivia is currently meeting with MPS partners to confirm and negoatite access to these officers for interview.

* Hester will be giving a seminar at UCL Geography department on 26th Jan on 'Missing geographies', a summary of the project so far for a geographical and academic audience. This is part of a seminar series on 'Missing geographies': http://www.geog.ucl.ac.uk/about-the-department/events-seminars/human-geography-seminars

* The project team will be meeting this month to consider the materials generated by the Grampian interviews with police officers investigating missing persons cases.

* This month sees the deadline for abstracts for conference sessions generated by the project. The 'geographies of missing people' research project is organising two sessions at the upcoming RGS-IBG conference in July. One on 'Geographies of death' (co-organised by Olivia Stevenson, Charlotte Kenten and Sarah Deedat) and one on 'Policing geographies' (co-organised by Tim Cresswell, Richard Yarwood, Hester Parr and Olivia Stevenson).

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