February 2013

* This month the team will be meeting with the project Advisory Group in London. The theme of this meeting is 'research impact', and we are reporting on our ambitions to use the research data we have collected over the next year.

* Olivia will be presenting in Edinburgh at the third annual Society for Evidence Based Policing conference on 'Police Responses to Missing Persons', 13th February 2013 (see, http://www.sebp.police.uk/news/events/)

* Preparations are underway for 3 members of the Project Team to travel to Washington DC at the beginning of April to participate in a joint Centre for Evidence Based Crime Policy and SIPR Symposium at George Mason University (see, http://gunston.gmu.edu/cebcp/cebcpsymposium.html).

* Nick and Penny are continuing to work with the Police National Search Centre to develop training materials for use during specialist Police Search Advisor training.

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