February 2012

* Olivia begins interviews with MPS officers this month based on misper cases from the London MPS

* The team have been approached by BBC Tees for a radio interview. Hester can be heard live on Wednesday 8th February at around 8am http://www.bbc.co.uk/tees/programmes/schedules

* Nick and Olivia will be giving a presentation at the NATIONAL COMPACT (MISPER) USER GROUP MEETING, in Hull. This is a quarterly meeting for Officers, COMPACT software developers and organisations involved with the police. They will use this meeting to run a focus group with officers on their experiences of missing person enquiries.

* The team have organised two sessions for the 2012 AAG Annual Meeting, New York: 'Policing Geographies: representations, materialities, practices'. Olivia will travel to New York to chair both sessions and present a paper on 'The misper': police case files and writing geographies of missingness' http://meridian.aag.org/callforpapers/program/SessionDetail.cfm?SessionID=14607

* Olivia will meet with the NYPD and LAPD to share best practice from the 'geographies of missing people' research project and gain a greater understanding of the challenges associated with missing persons in New York and LA.

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