August 2013

* Hester and Olivia along with colleagues at the University of Edinburgh have co-organised three part session for the 2013 RGS-IBG conference, London (27 - 30th Aug): 'New Frontiers of Geographical Knowledge and Practice? Exploring Creative Methods and Encounter' sponsored by Social and Cultural Geography Research Group and History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group. Further details about the sessions and papers can be found at:

* At the end of the month Hester and Olivia will attending the RGS-IBG conference in London (27 - 30th) and will present a paper entitled, ' Inserting audio stories into spaces of silence'

* Hester and Olivia along with members of the Engineer Theatre Collective cast and Sandra Brown and colleagues from the Moira Anderson Foundation will take part in a post show talk for the award winning Engineer Theatre Collective production 'Missing' at the Edinburgh Fridge Festival, 22nd August at the underbelly.

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