April 2012

* In April Nick and Penny are presenting at the Joint Annual Missing Children and Adults Conference: ‘Prevention, Protection, Provision’, in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry. This year's annual conference is hosted by the Missing Persons Bureau, Missing People, CEOP and the COMPACT Group and will attract academics, practitioners and policy-makers who work in the area of missing people. http://www.npia.police.uk/en/18793.htm

* As part of the University of Dundee Space and Society Research Group (SSRG) seminar series and in conjunction with SIPR, Nick has organised a missing persons workshop on 25th April. The workshop will bring together academics whose work cuts across different aspects of missing research. The workshop will include presentations from Professor Sue Black, Maria Maclennan, as well as the Geographies of Missing People Research team.

* Olivia and Hester will begin interviews with people reported as missing in London in April.

Economic and Social Research Council University of Glasgow University of Dundee Scottish Institute for Policing Research